Introduction to Negative Ion Therapy


Negative and Positive Ions All Around Us

An ion is an atom or group of atoms in the environment that carries an electrical charge. Positive ions are lacking an electron, and are looking to gain an electron to become neutral (stable). Negative ions carry an extra electron and positive ions are attracted to them in order to take that extra electron to achieve neutrality. We are constantly surrounded by both positive and negative ions, and their balance fluctuates constantly. Our bodies strive to achieve homeostasis and when we are overwhelmed with more positive ions than negative, we can experience unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, aching joints, tight muscles, constipation, and breathing difficulties.

Negative Ions Make Us Feel Good in Nature

We find an abundance of beneficial negative ions in nature. Walking barefoot on the beach allows negative ions to come up through the soles of our feet. The salt air by the ocean fills our lungs with negative ions. Waterfalls, rain, forests and mountains all offer up rejuvenating negative ions. This is why we feel so good in nature. In contrast, we experience an abundance of draining, positive ions in office buildings, our homes and our cars. Wifi, cell phones, florescent lighting, appliances, computers and pollution are just a few things that regularly expose us to oxidizing positive ions that can leave us sick and exhausted.

The Ionospa Experience

Our Distinctive Negative Ion Therapy Includes:

•Negative Ion Detox Foot Bath: Detoxifies by drawing negative ions up though your lymphatic system, gently pulling positively charged toxins down through the lymphatic system and out of your body. The VibroAcoustic chair massages you through sound and frequency vibration to help stimulate the movement of your lymphatic system.

•Negative Ion Generator: Purifies the air by neutralizing positive ions in the room.

•Ionized Water: Ultra-hydrating, ionized water (5 times the negative charge of anti-oxidant green tea) that can neutralize free radicals in your cells in the span of about 10 minutes.

•Halotherapy: Diffused salt air with antimicrobial properties fills your lungs with negative ions to help bring relief to breathing and sinus related issues. Additionally, the room is filled with Himalayan salt lamps, plants, diffused essential oils and cascading water, all known to generate negative ions and create a calming, detoxifying environment.