Ionospa Artisan Salt Lamps

 Himalayan Salt Lamps have soared in popularity in recent years, but few people seem to understand the benefits of a genuine Himalayan Salt Lamp. Pure, unprocessed, pink Himalayan salt rock, mined in the foothills of Pakistan contains 84 trace minerals, all beneficial to our well being. Salt is naturally hygroscopic, attracting the moisture in the air to its surface.


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When the Himalayan salt is heated, as in the case of a salt lamp, the moisture evaporates, causing negative ions to be released into the air. These negative ions bond with the positive ions in the air surrounding the lamp, neutralizing (purifying) the air in the space surrounding the lamp. Positively charged particles such as dust, mold, viruses, bacteria, odors, dander, chemicals and electromagnetic smog are neutralized by the presence of a Himalayan salt lamp. Part of the negative ion therapy included in the Ionospa Experience is being surrounded by the relaxing, purifying negative ions produced by the many Himalayan salt lamps in the room.

At Ionospa, we create beautiful, artisan Himalayan salt lamps to match any decor, for any room in your house. Bring home a bit of Negative Ion Therapy to help calm and purify your personal space. They also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family celebrating birthdays, new babies, holidays, new house, new pets, etc.

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