Get on the Road to Wellness  With a Monthly Ionospa Membership

Some absolute tenants of overall wellness for every person, no matter what health conditions may be present, include:

Proper Hydration, Healthy Cellular pH balance, Regular Detox Regimen, Holistic Nutrition (whole foods and supplements)

A Monthly Ionospa Membership gives you open access to:

•  Superior, hyper-hydrating, negatively charged, alkaline water for home use. Drinking purified, ionized water helps with hydration, pH balancing and detoxification with every glass.

•  Simply Detox Ionic Foot Baths at half price. Ionospa’s Negative Ion Detox Foot Bath is a gentle, relaxing way to encourage your body to release toxins. Our bodies process toxins daily, and our liver and cells can get sluggish, dealing with toxic overload caused by everyday living in our stressed environment. We recommend weekly foot baths for the first month, and monthly maintenance after that. A regular detox regimen promotes a healthy, slightly alkaline cellular pH balance.

•    A 10% discount on all Ionospa products, including wellness products and Himalayan salt lamps.

•    A referral network of holistic practitioners who can consult with you about a whole foods diet and supplements to help your body create healthy cells. •    Ionospa’s loyalty program gives you credit for every dollar spent with Ionospa toward the purchase of your own water ionizer, so you can have superior hydration in the privacy of your own home.

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